For years I’ve wanted various tiny tattoos – even before they became a ‘thing’! Just a small collection of symbols and words I identify with and remind me of all my experiences (to date). I finally had the chance to get all eight of them in one session. It was great timing really, because Joy only had a small section of my Hecate sleeve to finish up.

After finalizing design elements, placement, sizing and applying all eight stencils it was go time…

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Influenster : Bare Minerals Made 2 Fit Foundation

innovative concept
love the customized bottle
app is user friendly
applies smooth
money back guarantee

getting a perfect match can be tricky
made my skin oily


I wanted to love this foundation because it is such a neat concept. To be able to use an app to get your exact skin tone and shade for a foundation is exactly what the makeup/beauty industry is missing. Unfortunately, there are some kinks to be ironed out.

The app itself looks great and is easy to use. Directions are clear, concise and I didn’t experience any issues while scanning myself. I received my customized bottle of foundation right away. Packaging is great; the glass bottle comes with a pump which is always a plus.

The foundation itself is light weight. It applies smoothly and I’d say the coverage is about light to medium. I used one full pump, dotted it all over and used a beauty sponge to blend. If you want full coverage, you will need to apply another layer where needed.

As for the color/shade, it wasn’t a perfect match but it was close enough to where I didn’t feel I needed to send it back. However, should there be an issue with that Bare Minerals will happily replace your bottle with the correct shade (provided you go through color matching via the app again). That’s a plus since it runs about $50 a pop.

I did notice it oxidized somewhat as I went about my day. I find that Bare Minerals formulations (the original powder kind) tend to do that on me as a rule. Something to consider if you don’t get an exact match. I normally have dry skin but, this formula made my T-zone oilier than usual.

All in all, it’s just ok. I love the concept but, it will be a challenge for the app to match everyone perfectly every time. Perhaps sending out two sample sized shades at first would be worth the extra expense on their end. I guess we’ll see what happens going forward.

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Influenster : Bare Minerals BarePro 16hr Concealer

nice color range
good coverage
good for undereye area and spot concealing

formula is a little dry
can crease around fine lines
can get streaky/patchy at 8hr mark
not much product in tube


Lucky me got to try out the new BarePro concealer by Bare Minerals via Influenster. I received the color ‘Light/Medium-Neutral 05’ (which I think is a good color match of my trusty Nars concealer in ‘Custard’). I normally use ‘creamy’ concealers (in tubes or pots) so this is my first time trying a stick version.

I applied it after I moisturizing (but without primer) to see how it would perform. I found the formula to be a little dry at first swipe. Once I used it again, it went on smooth and didn’t tug my skin. However, I was able to blend it in with a bit of work. I recommend using your fingers in lieu of a beauty sponge as the warmth of your skin will help melt and evenly distribute product.

Coverage was pretty good and it is buildable without feeling heavy. It noticed it lessened the redness around my eyes and helped brighten the area. I didn’t notice any creasing, cakey-ness or fading after 4 hours BUT, around the 8 hour mark it was starting to crease where I have fine lines and there was some patchiness. 16 hours is quite a claim to make but hey, YMMV.

Overall, I like it and will continue to use it in conjunction with other concealers.

[ I received this complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest/unbiased review. ]

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Next tattoo session is coming up soon! Looking forward to finishing up the last part of my Hecate sleeve and getting all the tiny/minimalist designs I’ve wanted for ages. There are a few im undecided on regarding placement but, nonetheless I’m excited!

I signed up for a couple workshops at my old yoga studio. Once things settle down with our schedules, I’d like to sign up for a monthly membership or series and go at least once a week. There’s also a yoga in the garden series at a nearby park I’d like to go to in April. Hoping to get more time to myself to get back into a good head, mind and soul space. Mama, needs some zen and quiet time!

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Influenster : Hourglass Arch Brow

stays in place
good color payoff
color is perfect, not too red
great brush

won’t do much if you have sparse brows

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure this brow gel would benefit me as I have sparse brows but, I was pleasantly surprised. It worked better than the ABH brow gel I’ve been using to keep strands in place. The color, Soft Brunette, was a good match for me. It wasn’t too red and was just ashy enough. I don’t think it thickened my brow hairs though but again, YMMV. I liked how there are different bristle lengths to distribute product evenly.

[ I received this #complimentary from @Influenster in exchange for my honest/unbiased review. ]

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Treat Yourself, Please!

The Husband’s new truck is positively massive. It’s fitting as he’s 6’3” and needs all the room he can get in a vehicle. It’s also pretty funny how he’s had sporty cars up until now. He’s happy and that’s what makes me happy.

He’s the type that never spends money on himself or treats himself to anything. He’d rather spoil me and the kids. At times I have to convince/force him to hang out with his friends or treat himself to something new. He works so hard and is an amazing father – he deserves so much more than he allows.

This is also why it’s quite impossible to know what to get him for birthdays and holidays. So, I’m thrilled he’s gotten himself a truck because he has wanted it forever. I say that’s an appropriate 40th birthday gift, yes?

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