Hello 2019

I started two creative projects this year :

A perpetual journal that will (hopefully) be filled with nature drawings and anecdotal musings. My goal is to venture into botanical art (which gets me outside more) and improve my mediocre drawing skills.

A new notebook that will be used as a bullet journal/planner, an art/scrapbook journal and tarot and witchy pseudo-grimoire. It’s all going to mesh well together, I know it!

That’s all. I swear.

I know well enough that I don’t have the time for anything more. I tried that mess last year and, other than my Tarot365 project, everything else went to the wayside.

I have learned I can’t do everything I want to do even if I really, really want to do it. It’s better to do a couple things right than half-ass it all – right? Right.

Another thing.

I started going to my local yoga studio again. I didn’t just buy a series of classes, I signed up for a monthly membership which allows me to attend an unlimited amount of classes. However many I can fit into my schedule. I’m aiming for 3x a week.

An early birthday treat, to me from me.

Honestly, I find it far more beneficial and motivating to go to an actual studio than to follow along to a YT video at home. Plus, it gets me out of the house and I’m guaranteed an uninterrupted 1 hour and 15 minutes to myself. It’s bliss I tell ya!

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Quickies : 020

1. A blessed Yule and happy Winter Solstice! I wasn’t able to plan anything fancy this time around but, I was able to gaze at the gorgeous full moon while out and about.

2. Holiday shopping and gift wrapping is done. Literally cannot fit/hide anymore gifts in our bedroom. Thankfully the toddlers haven’t been able to ransack their stash.

3. Visited my family today. My mom sent me home with a fridge full of her yummy home-cooking. That’s the way she has always shown her love, by making sure our bellies are full.

4. I’m exhausted. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in three years. I’m not even exaggerating. I keep telling myself (and people tell me) this “phase” will pass but, what will be left of me then?

5. The news/politics is still depressing AF. I cannot watch or read without feeling anger, frustration and hopelessness.
I also have so many questions… When will it end? How much damage will be done? Why does no one care enough to do anything to stop it?
I do wish I was more apathetic to it all. It seems it would be much easier road to be on.

6. I’m nearing the end of my Tarot365 project for this year. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and making it a priority (because self-care!).
I don’t plan to do it for 2019 but, I will definitely join any tarot challenges if they pique my interest.

7. I’m undecided on whether I want to keep/maintain a journal/planner next year. Usually I’d have my new one set up and ready to go but, I’m so unmotivated. Perhaps I’ll wait until my birthday? Or not.

8. 2019 is nine days away and I’m so ready to leave this year in the dust. There’s a lot to be done!

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Quickies : 019

1. Y’all, I splurged A LOT last month on skincare, makeup, new clogs and other assorted treats for myself. BUT I also picked few gifts along the way to balance things out, ha.

2. The Husband and I have come to the point where we buy ourselves whatever we want for the holidays and birthdays. It’s easier this way. Though every year he manages to sneak a surprise or two.

3. I’m looking forward to 2019. This year has been exhausting mostly because it’s difficult to keep up with two rambunctious toddlers. I’m manifesting a healthy, peaceful, happy, balanced and prosperous year for us. And so it is.

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Hello, again.

It’s been a while, eh? I notice I go through cycles of wanting to post and share *everything* then suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to retreat and be a hermit.

Sort of how the moon waxes and wanes.

Admittedly, I much prefer the shadow side.

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Quickies : 018

1. I may have found the perfect journal/notebook! Archer & Olive notebooks have 160gsm paper (!!), two bookmarks, dot grid white paper. I pre-ordered the black Moon notebook last night and now I can’t wait to get it set up for next year.

2. I’ve been writing a shit ton lately. Mostly poetry and prose. Words seem to tumble out of my head and onto the Notes app on my phone late at night when I’m waiting for the boys to fall asleep. It feels good to get it out. The New Moon always triggers my creative/dark side.

3. Also? How many selfies is too many? Asking for a friend.

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Quickies : 017

1. I recently participated in the “Sensual Selfie Challenge” created by Ev’yan Whitney (IG: @evyan.whitney). The goal was to post five themed selfies a day in order to tap into your inner sensual goddess.

It was nerve racking to say the least BUT, I’m so glad I decided to commit to it. I am no stranger to taking selfies (PG or otherwise!) but, this challenge really made me step out of my little bubble.

What’s more, the other participants were so brave, so pure and inspiring. It really made me proud to be among them.

2. I’ve been taking a few hours to myself every week and it has helped tremendously with my sanity. I’m always wracked with ‘Mom guilt’ whenever I attempt to do something for myself but, not anymore. I deserve a break and some peace and quiet.

3. Sometimes ‘peace and quiet’ means getting in my Jeep, rolling down the windows (or taking the top off!) and blasting music as I drive with no particular destination.

I used to do it all the time before kids. THE. BEST. FEELING.

4. It’s almost autumn, my favorite time of year. I can literally feel my creative side re-awakening from the Summer doldrums. Fall and Winter is the time I’m much more in tune with my true self.

5. So, I started watching the series GRIMM (yes, I’m always late to the party!). I went in only knowing the general premise of the show and not much else. Well, what I found out is, each season (except for the last one) has 22 episodes! TWENTY TWO! I’m barely in the middle of season two. This show going to take a while for me to binge watch. I’m hooked on it though and I didn’t think I’d like it. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) is easy on the eyes, ha.

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