Quickies : 007

1. My cousin introduced me to Rae Dunn about a year ago and I have since fallen down the rabbit hole. While my ‘collection’ is not as vast or extensive as hers (and others) I do have way too many mugs and bowls for one person. And yes, I/we do use them!

What’s funny is, the Husband is the one who has a knack for finding RD while out and about. He has found the majority of my collection and it’s the cutest thing. I think he gets a kick out of finding the popular items others are buying/selling or trading for. And I love him for indulging my (daily) craziness.

2. Hot weather and I will never get along. I dread/loathe the long hot days of Summer (and early Fall because it’s basically *still* Summer here).

I want to live in an area where the temperature is a constant 45° lows and tops out at a nice 70°. A place where every morning starts out cool and foggy and there are more gloomy days than sunny. That would be perfect.

3. I’m a designer bag lover (and I have a few of my own) but, I also appreciate the quality in family owned, handmade goods. This Peg & Awl tote is a beautiful bag made with durable waxed canvas, vintage fabric in the interior pockets and best of all, the straps are made out of repurposed antique WWII military gunslings!

The leather is thick, pliable and super sturdy. It is definitely a “of a kind” bag as stated on their website. I adore the Slate grey color as it just so happens to match my Jeep, ha. This bag will probably outlive me!

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Quickies : 006

1. Disney’s COCO is adorable and sweet and I totally bawled my eyes out.

2. Two weeks of school left for our 2nd grader. I’m way more excited than he is.

I’m looking forward to a more laid back schedule even if it’s only for a few days out of the week. I’ll take what I can get.

3. My sunflower sprouts are getting taller and I could not be happier. Soon I’ll have pretty blooms to view from our windows.

4. This time next year, with any luck, our garden will be lush and blooming. It is a lesson on patience, that’s for damn sure.

5. Ok so… I didn’t need a new lip balm or lipstick, or even that super cute navy blue romper with stars all over it but, I got them anyway. It’s ok to treat yourself once in a while.

6. C reads in bed every night. I did the same when I was his age. Even though his bedtime is technically 8p, we let him stay up until he falls asleep with his book. I hope he ends up loving reading as much as I did/do.

7. Unfortunately I cannot remember the last time I read an actual book. I never have the (uninterrupted!) time to read anymore. I try and only get maybe a few pages in before someone wakes up or needs something. Then, I typically pass out once I finally get into bed. *sigh* I miss reading.

8. I miss a lot of things. All things I used to do just for fun or just for me. I miss not feeling rushed all the time. I miss the feeling of having no plans, tasks, to-dos. I miss being selfish.

9. Adulting really sucks sometimes, y’know?

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Quickies : 005

1. Roses are blooming, young morning glory vines are busy twisting and climbing and the birds are happily visiting our feeders throughout the day. It’s this time of year (before it gets stupid hot) that makes me appreciate Spring and early Summer.

2. When the Husband asks what I want to do for the long weekend, all I can think of is working outside. Getting our hands dirty tending to our garden and plants.

3. The goal is to build an arbor over the walkway and plant/grow clematis vines on either side. They will eventually grow up and over the arbor and contrast nicely with our white roses. One thing at a time.

4. We have SO many home/garden projects we want to do. It’s difficult deciding which one to do first. Oh, to have an unlimited budget and all the time in the world to DIY it.

5. Patience is not one of my favorite virtues. I’m afraid it never will be.

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Quickies : 004

1. I may or may not have bought two new pairs of sunglasses. I have acquired a modest collection over the past year alone. Most (about 5) are less than $10. These new ones though? I broke out of my “buy cheapies because they always break/get lost” mindset and splurged. Not a whole lot but, a lot for me.

2. The whole ‘not wearing makeup every day’ is becoming my new normal. Although I can’t *not* do my brows because brows are important! I like to think they make me look presentable. Still contemplating micro-blading but, IDK if I want to take the plunge just yet.

3. My grown-out bangs are at that length where all I have to do is curl them a bit and they frame my face perfectly. AND(!) all the postpartum re-growth has FINALLY grown out long enough where they blend into the rest of my hair instead of sticking straight out. *sigh* Mom life.

4. I swear upping my vitamin D dosage has helped calm my allergies. What’s more, if I forget to take them, I notice a difference right away. Way healthier than taking allergy meds and risking it affecting my milk supply.

5. Why yes, yes I am still breastfeeding! Going on almost 3 years (in August) with L and 15 months for O. I never thought I would be able to do it after failing with C but, here I am. I’m so grateful. Nature and boobs are amazing!

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Quickies : 003

1. Knowing there’s a spiritual/crystal/witchy magic shop nearby makes me so happy. I have to restrain myself from buying everything. The whole shop is what I dream of when I think of my future “zen den”. *sigh* One day…

2. Brunch and cocktails at a hipster-ish restaurant with a good friend was much needed. Must make it a regular thing.

3. PMS means I want to eat everything in sight! I let myself indulge a little bit because life is too short.

4. Kombucha cancels it out anyway, right?

5. I love overcast, gloomy days like today. Can we just skip Summer?

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Quickies : 002

1. It’s LAUREL, y’all. All I hear is Laurel.

2. Can not wait to clock in a road trip on the Jeep. Lilith needs to break in her new tires even if it’ll mostly be on pavement. Once the kids are a little older we’ll have more time and chances to get a little dirty.

3. Considering letting our Disney passes expire in July. We don’t have the time to go during the week and weekends are busy, too. We’ve gone to the parks more than 11 times since last July to break even so, it has paid itself off.

4. I’m in the process of digging out an area in our side yard to grow sunflowers. I’m short and the shovel I’m using is longer than average (because the Husband is a giant) so I have to be mindful of not smacking my face with the handle when I step on it to dig. Fun times! I am looking forward to having pretty sunflowers towering over me come Summertime.

5. Also? Crab grass is a bitch to dig up.

6. The boys gave me another window-mounted bird feeder for Mother’s Day. They know how much I love to watch the little house finches flit, fly and squabble over who gets to eat first. So far we have three bird feeders. I like to think I’m doing my part in keeping our neighborhood birds happy and fed.

7. I need more plants in the house.

8. There are so many big and little projects to be done around the house, it’s difficult trying to decide what to tackle first. At least the front yard landscaping and exterior paint is done. Shall we move onto the backyard or guesthouse? I wish we can do both simultaneously!

9. I only want to do the guesthouse because I want to create a loft space to turn into my “zen den”. Complete with dormers, a skylight, lots of plants and witchy accouterments. *sign* One day!

10. Is it the weekend yet?

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