Hello, Again

I know, I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a real entry here. Life is… hectic as fuck y’all!

Let me roll the highlight reel…

1. I’m proud to say I am still (yes, STILL!) exclusively breastfeeding O. Not only that, I’m still tandem-feeding but, only for his daily nap and bedtime.

I am a milk machine!

And I am completely in awe of my body’s ability to sustain, feed and provide for two humans. Fortunately, I have had only one incident of mastitis (that shit ain’t fun y’all). I’m one of the lucky ones.

2. I traded in (with the Husband’s help, natch) my little Scion xB for a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport! I’ve wanted a Jeep since I was a teenager. I also wanted a “project”. We decided to only look at certified pre-owned models and scored one in pristine condition (with low miles!) in the limited edition color “Amp’d Anvil”.

As soon as I saw her on the lot, I knew there was no going back to my little xB. Test driving her sealed the deal for me. I was apprehensive about going from my smaller cars (New Beetle, tC and xB) to a Jeep but, the learning curve wasn’t bad at all. It’s nice to be higher up.

I named my new Jeep, LILITH (yes, after the dark goddess) and I cannot love her more. I (well, WE) added a few (mostly cosmetic but, also necessary!) modifications since I got it in December. I have a running list of accessories I want to get – I know, like, who am I? lol

Next year though, she’ll get new wheels and tires because she needs to be lifted and have 35s (maaaybe 37s), ha.

Also? I cannot wait to take the top(s) off this Summer!

2. I celebrated my 39th birthday on 1/25 and I can’t lie, I’m freaking out a little bit about this being the last year in my 30s. I’m trying not to feel like I need to do EVERYTHING before I’m “too old”. I’m sure that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me.

3. The Husband, meanwhile, celebrated his 40th the other day. He has never been the type to draw attention to himself or party. I practically had to make him go out for drinks with his friends.

As a gift to himself he’s currently hunting for a new vehicle. He has wanted a truck for years and decided now is the time to get one. He deserves it so.

4. My newly shaded sleeve is healing nicely from my second session. My artist wasn’t able to finish (due to me only being able to carve out 3 hours at a time) BUT I’m not too bummed about it as it’s only a small portion.

I’ll head back next month to finish it up AND get additional tattoos. I have quite a few little designs I want in various places.

5. I’m starting to write (and re-work my old stuff) again and it feels good. My writing (poetry and prose) tends to leans toward the “erotic” and I’ve always felt shy/fearful about posting it online. I don’t want to offend or trigger but, I also feel the need to share so IDK.

6. With the little free time I have I’m trying to draw more. I “write” on my phone using the Notes app so it’s easy to jot things down as they come to me but, hauling out my gigantic sketchbook and pens is not as quick and easy. I try to draw while the toddlers take their afternoon naps but, that isn’t always a guaranteed. In any case I draw when I can and I’m thankful for the time I do get.

7. O’s first birthday is on the 16th and y’all, I’m still in shock we have THREE kids. If you asked me at 25 if I wanted kids, I would have said NOPE. Now here we are. I would have never thought we’d have one kid let alone three! Funny how things work out.

Also? We’re exhausted!

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Disney > Monday

When the Husband suggests going to Disneyland when he gets home from work. You go. Why? Because it’s Monday. And after a crappy weekend (news-wise and kids driving us crazy) you need that dose of Disney-magic to set your mind straight again.

Plus, the way their eyes light up? So worth it.

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Um, hi!

Where have I been?!

June is nearly over and my last update was April. Not that long of a lapse but, long enough for me to start feeling guilty about not giving this space enough of my time.

Not that I’ve disappeared completely. Oh, no. I’ve been in the throes of a couple self-inflicted (ha) drawing and tarot challenges on my IG account (@inkwitchery). Those have been keeping me busy and I may attempt to do another tarot challenge in July.

Also! My eldest is on Summer break so it’s just me with the three little monsters during the day. I’m sure you can imagine the shenanigans they get into! THEN we have their 7th and 2nd birthdays coming up next month and August so it’s going to be hectic AF.

Since it’s Summer, I’ve pared down my whole makeup routine since I hate wearing anything heavy when the weather is hotter than I like it to be (warmer than 75°). It’s just not worth the hassle, honestly.

However, I do plan to post a few beauty/product reviews soon as I’m expecting another awesome Vox Box from Influenster some time this week. I love being able to try out and review new products for free – who wouldn’t?! Pics and what not will be up on my IG and in depth reviews, as always, will be here.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my quick update! 🙂

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2016 Highlights

My best nine (well, technically 18) images from my IG accounts; @inkwitchery and @_beatnikbeauty.


What a crazy year 2016 has been! Shall I make a list of the highlights?

• I turned 37.
• Husband turned 38.
• We found out through an ER trip & then a blood test that L has lots of food allergies. As a result I changed my diet (paleo/allergy free) completely for him!
• We got season passes to Knotts Berry Farm!
• I joined the Tea Coven and met/got to know an amazing group of witchy women!
• Made new friends.
• Let go of old friends.
• We sold our first home (bungalow479)!
• We bought a new home (bungalow2609) which we love in a quiet neighborhood.
• We moved during one of the hottest Summers I can remember!
• Found out I was pregnant after we moved (no wonder I was extra tired, ha!)
• Found out we’ll be having a 3rd boy!
• We celebrated C’s 6th birthday!
• We celebrated L’s 1st birthday (and C’s, too) at Legoland!
• I successfully breastfeed L exclusively for an entire year!
• I’m still breastfeeding L even while 8 months pregnant.
• Completed L’s photo a day/Project365.
• C started First grade!
• We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!
• I launched Inkwitchery.com and got back into beauty/makeup/style via IG (@_beatnikbeauty)
• We added a new gate/arbor to the house as well as landscaped the front yard.
• We’ll be celebrating all the major holidays in our new home.


Whew! Who knew we would have such an eventful 2016? I certainly didn’t. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017!

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If you’ve followed/known me for a while you’d know I’ve had a number of domains/websites (or online journals, before they were called blogs) since 2000. It has been such a long time since I’ve had a proper website. In fact my last real update was Spring of 2013! A lot has changed and most of it has been documented on my Instagram account (@inkwitchery).

This domain is my renewed attempt at keeping a cohesive online presence that extends beyond the quick FB, Twitter or IG posts.

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