Vintage Shopping

When we bought our first home we didn’t have very much by way of furniture. We had the basics (beds, bookshelves, dressers), but nothing truly unique. Once we got settled and looked around we realized we didn’t like all the contemporary stuff found in big box stores, so we started exploring local vintage shops.

Magnolia and Willow, a vintage and antique shop in Long Beach, is where we found most of our pieces. We scored everything from our bedroom side tables, living room end tables, decorative mirrors, shadow boxes, to various knick knacks and other decor. What we love is each furniture piece is made out of real wood and in great condition. Prices are reasonable, too.

Per the Husband’s suggestion, today we hit up a couple shops in Lakewood, Aunt Frannys and The Picket Fence, that we’ve never been to. I think he had more fun shopping than I did! This is what we bought and all of them were spotted by the Husband first. He’s got a great eye for these things.


The metal stars and nutcracker were $12.50 each, vintage glass bottle $6 and rustic wooden toolbox was $14. The little Radio Flyer wagon was only $25 – can’t wait for the boys to play with it especially L as he’s still learning how to balance and take steps.

Not shown is a cute outdoor metal birdhouse tealight holder we picked out for our front lawn. I’m still looking for a bird bath or fountain; I’ll find one eventually!

Overall, we had a successful morning. I love that we share this hobby. 🙂

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Can I tell you about our new home?

After about 2.5 years of living in our first house (#bungalow479 on IG) and doing quite a few renovations on it, we were ready to move on to something a bit bigger and in a nicer (less foot traffic-y) area. Taking advantage of the current housing market and rates, we started looking at our options. We were pleasantly surprised to find out our home’s value increased in a short amount of time. With that in mind we decided to go for it and begin house hunting for our second home.

Let me just say, buying your first home is quite an experience in and of itself. But selling it and buying another one? That’s a whole other animal. There are so many things to take care of with your current home (finishing up renovations and/or fixing things, getting it ready for open houses and private showings, daily deep cleaning and upkeep… etc.). In short, it was stressful and we now know why some people never move, ha.

You know what though? All the days spent weeding through the MLS listings (sometimes hourly!), the endless paperwork, the waiting around, the back and forth was worth it because we found a wonderful new home to call our own for the next several years (at least! lol).

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