004 : Gratitude

1. The Husband, turned ‘gardener’, for keeping the front yard looking as cottage-y garden-esque as possible. He deadheads the roses, prunes the rosemary, waters the succulents, edges and mows the grass. He even makes sure the bird feeder is kept full. He is what pride of ownership is all about, folks.

2. YouTube for the numerous and informative videos on how to give yourself a haircut (long layers via ponytail!) and essential half-moon bang trims. Money saved and anxiety, over having too much hair cut, abated.

3. The Dodgers heading to the World Series not because I’m a fan (not into sports, really) but, because it made the Husband so, so, SO happy.

4. Not needing to “suck it in” for photos, ha. Still a work in progress but, hooray for small victories!

5. Herbal teas and coffee and refreshing ice cold water because I can’t drink enough liquids while I’m breastfeeding!

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002 : Five Things Friday

1. Grocery shopping and having a full fridge, freezer and pantry.

2. An evening spent with my loves at California Adventure.

3. Good hair and face day!

4. Pumpkin spice churros with cream cheese filling – OMG!

5. Snuggling with my two youngest babies as they fall asleep.

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003 : Gratitude

1. Being able to say, “Let’s go to Disneyland!” any day or time we desire. The hella expensive passes are worth it because we all have a great time – every time. What’s more, I can babywear O and that means we can go on most of the rides TOGETHER.

2. Late night conversations with a special friend who I would not have met 3 years ago if not for *just* the right circumstances. Timing is everything, folks. (Is that vague enough or what?)

3. Finding $100 in between two cards in my wallet. I don’t recall where it came from or from who (thanks to Mom brain) but, I definitely appreciate it. Thank you, Universe!

4. All my pants/jeans are falling off me and everything is much roomier than I remember. I’m am thankful for this tandem breastfeeding/allergy-free diet. Can I just breastfeed forever?

5. Had sex twice this week. Y’all, that’s a major accomplishment! These kids can be such cockblockers. lol

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002 : Gratitude

1. First tattoo(s) consultation in about 6 years with a new tattoo artist who I’ve been following on IG for over a year. Immediately loved the zen vibe of the studio and her personality. Can not wait to get inked next month!

2. Pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme donuts – so good!

3. Needing to buy new jeans because all my favorite ones are falling off.

4. The way the boys’ faces lights up whenever they hear their favorite songs or watch their favorite movies.

5. My mom wants to celebrate her birthday at our house AND bring all the food – ha.

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001 : Gratitude

1. Free styling the long holiday weekend. No plans because sometimes it’s better to go with the flow.

2. Sudden summer storms clearing away the gross, hot and muggy air.

3. A new (huge!) tandem stroller for our two under 3 that will surely help strengthen my biceps. I hope.

4. A bushel of passionfruit from our neighbors’ bountiful garden. Thankful to have good (quiet) neighbors.

5. Only 57 days until Halloween! Is it too early to start decorating?

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001 : Five Things Friday

1. The thing with living in a house built in 1906 is there was no air conditioning back then. Yes, our original windows do their job letting the breeze in but, when it inevitably gets hot and humid here in perpetually sunny SoCal, our house is stifling.

2. “They” say it’s because we’re a coastal community which means it never gets *that* hot here so AC wasn’t a necessity yadda, yadda… *I* say STFU because it was 96° today and not even the so-called ocean breeze can compete with that shite.

3. Climate change, people. Climate fucking change.

4. Cue the spiffy new portable AC/dehumidifier unit the Husband’s workmate lent to us (indefinitely? lol). Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways… While it won’t cool down the whole house it WILL make it comfortable enough so that I’m not sweating (and hella cranky) all day.

5. Oreo cookie shakes FTMFW!

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