Antique Anatomy Tarot

Introducing my newest deck, the Antique Anatomy Tarot (Ephemera Edition) by Claire Goodchild (IG : @BlackandtheMoon)

Gorgeous isn’t it?

I’ve been waiting for this deck to arrive since June. It was definitely worth the wait. I adore the card backs and of course the artwork.

I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with it for my daily throws.

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The Dark Goddess

I waited about six years for this tattoo. Others can find inspiration easily but, I did not want just any random Pinterest image etched into my arm for all eternity.

[ Not that there’s anything wrong with that – you do You – but, I’m just hella persnickety. ]

I’ve been “saving” my right arm all these years for something meaningful and spiritual. Having gone through many changes (personally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) over the years, I wanted to incorporate and encompass that journey and what truly resonates with me.

I was drawn Hecate years ago when I first started on this path. She left multiple signs and appeared in my dreams. I sketched out my concept one night after re-reading a number of texts, articles and books about dark goddesses, Hecate specifically. I went back and forth over style and design, erasing and scribbling… Leaving it for months then coming back to work on it some more.

In my mind She wears a long hooded cloak, her eyes downcast and a bit obscured, her hair long and flowing. On her chest is an image of a skeleton key, one that opens the gates to the Underworld and other realms.

Hecate illuminates the path toward a greater understanding of one’s self and of others. She represents beginnings, endings and transformations. She is there to support and guide, in times of great change and disruption. Hecate exists in the ether – the spaces between life, death and rebirth. She is the wild woman and the High Priestess. Some even say she’s the queen of witches. Hecate is the guardian of the (literal and figurative) crossroads in life and protector of the household. She is the divine goddess of the dark moon. Coincidentally, it is the phase I feel my (creative and mental) best in.

I asked Joy to frame her with intertwining poisonous and healing flora. White sage and foxglove, lavender and belladonna, patchouli and opium poppies. These plants are beautiful yet some are also deadly. They’re healing, cleansing and protective. To me they represent our own duality. We all have two sides – the light and shadow. We must honor the darker aspects of ourselves as well as the light.

Since my appointment was just a couple days after Yule and the Solstice we agreed this should be a ritual tattoo. Joy performed reiki healing and energy work to bless my new ink. It was calming, transformative and healing.

I am so thankful to have found a wonderful tattoo artist in Joy Shannon (IG: @triplegoddesstattoos). Not only is she multi-talented, she understood my concept and the feeling I wanted to evoke. If not for her input I would not have this amazing piece of art.

The vision I’ve carried in my mind for years is now etched into my skin as a daily reminder to be true to myself and to not fear the unknown.

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Tarot 365 Project

As we near the end of this year I’m feeling quite ambitious. I want to start all sorts of creative projects, set intentions and new goals. I love that feeling of new beginnings, a clean slate and having a whole new year to get my shit together, ha.

A few years ago, when I had first got into tarot, I challenged myself to pull a card every day for a year. It was my way to teach myself, get to know each card, carve out self-care and hone my intuition. I did this consecutively for 3 years, with different decks, and documented my readings on IG using the hashtag #tarot365.

Since my tarot readings have been sporadic at best and my intuition rusty, I decided to re-challenge myself for 2018. I feel called to use/work with The Illest Tarot deck this time around and I’m pretty excited as I find it to be such a playful and cheeky deck.

Feel free to join in! I’ve written out the rules and such here for easy reference.

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Daily Tending & Tarot [ 31/31 ]

I want… this fucking heatwave to suck it.
I want… cold weather. Like, wite-walkers marching down the fucking street, cold.
I want… grey and misty mornings where I can wear all my cute ass clothes.
(Side note : I have to go out and buy new jeans because two subsequent pregnancies left me with LESS of an ass than I started off with?! AND 15lbs lighter but, that’s probably due to breastfeeding two humans).
Speaking of…
I want… good food because I’m always famished and parched. I also want someone to cook it for me because I sure as hell don’t want to stand in front of a hot stove.
I want… the old days of the internet, when it was an ‘escape’ from the real world.

JUSTICE (hold yourself accountable, seek balance between work/play/life)
QUEEN OF SWORDS (be direct, don’t let your emotions rule your choices)

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