Prayer to Hekate

Hecate, Guardian of the Crossroads

Lend me your dagger to cut away the unnecessary to find my true power
Lend me your rope to hold fast to that which I still need
Lend me your torch to illuminate the shadows
Gift me with the sacred key to unlock the mysteries of life
Show me my choices and give me the insight and strength
to always choose the right path

Hecate, Bringer of Wisdom

Awaken me from my deep slumber
to help me understand the meaning beyond illusion
In understanding the mysteries of life
I shall know the greater mysteries of my self
Help me understand the wisdom of the darkness
and weave me into the web of your knowing

Hecate, Threefold Goddess

Bring unto me your powers of earth, sea and starry night sky
Show me your cycles of birth, life and death
Guide me on my never-ending quest for knowledge
so that I may always know my true self in body, mind and spirit
Bless me with your magic, wisdom, and inspiration
so that I may never falter from my true path

[ Source : Temple of Hecate ]

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Hekate : Sifting Through the (Mis)Information

I’ve been researching the goddess Hekate for quite a while now and I’ve come across so many articles and blog posts with a mixed bag of information. It’s a little tedious having to sift through it all especially since most tend to perpetuate incorrect information. I’m not one to take whatever I read for fact, I question everything and know I should be skeptical of most things I find on the internet (and books) unless it’s backed up with multiple sources etc.

I came across this article on Hekate today and felt compelled to share it here because it contains a wealth of information I feel everyone should know about Hekate…

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Sea Witchery : Goddess Amphitrite

I’m currently researching sea witchery as I have a deep love for all things associated with the sea/ocean. I wanted to include some information I found on the goddess Amphitrite for my future reference.

Associations : dolphins, mussels, singing, spinning, weaving
One of the Nereids (daughters of Nereus and Doris) and wife of Poseidon. Known as the Queen of the Moaning Sea, she employed sea monsters to thrust wave onto rocky shores. Amphitrite was depicted riding in a boat of mussel shells, her wet hair set in a net. Her name means “wearing away of the shore” [ Source : Sea Magic by Sandra Kynes ]

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Subliminal Messages from the Liminal Goddess

As I sit here drinking my pomegranate tea (which is delicious, btw!) while listening to Thievery Corporation (if you don’t know who they are, you’re so missing out!), I wanted to quickly write down a couple things I’ve been noticing lately :

Last night while going about my daily routine, I kept smelling garlic. We don’t have any garlic at the moment, nor did we consume anything with garlic, our windows are closed so it couldn’t have come in from outside. I thought it was really strange, especially since I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. It was subtle, too. One minute I’d smell it, then nothing, then I’d get a whiff of it again. I even asked the husband if he smelled it and of course he said he didn’t. It was only today, when I re-reading through the articles I’ve collected about Hecate, that I was reminded of her association with garlic. Interesting coincidence, no?

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Hecate : Necromantic Maiden

The goddess at the crossroads, the queen of ghosts, necromantic maiden, Hekate is perhaps the most widely acknowledge goddess in modern pagan witchcraft, but perhaps also the most misunderstood. She is a mistress of the dark moon, black magic, sorcery, and queen of witches, and these are the guises most often presented. But she also presides over the land, unfruitful sea and sky, is a goddess of liminality and childbirth, a torch-bearing light in the darkness and cosmic World Soul. Hekate wanders through Classical Greece, Rome and Ptolemaic Egypt though her origins are likely Anatolian and far older than Hesiod’s Theogony where Hekate first appears in poetry.

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Hecate’s Calling Card

I came across this Tumblr post the other day about Deity Calling Cards.  This is what was written under Hekate so far :


I see radiant black hair that has golden stars shining within. Never as a ‘crone’ but more motherly, or a stern but loving aunt. And hounds…don’t forget the hounds. Torch-bearer. And yes, the beat that I hear when she is around makes you want to belly-dance. [BellonaNJ73]

golden blackness (very difficult to explain – like the blackest black that emanates gold light), teeth (which you will get a chance to see up close and personal if you, um, intrude), claws, bones, gold (did I say gold, ‘cos gold), grey hooded cloak, starry chiton (ie. made from stars and night and the vast depths of space), blue goldstone, The Hermit.

NO CHOCOLATE. NO WINE. Almond milk, honey, honeyed almond milk, almonds, feta, figs, shallots, pomegranate green tea.

I’ve seen her dancing, slow and graceful, very stylised. Usually near a tree – or even within the roots – or at the (stormy) ocean’s edge. She can appear slightly taller than average or absolutely giant. Generally neutral-serious, no nonsense; not stern, but not jovial either. [lacartetreizieme]

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