Prayer to Hekate

Hecate, Guardian of the Crossroads

Lend me your dagger to cut away the unnecessary to find my true power
Lend me your rope to hold fast to that which I still need
Lend me your torch to illuminate the shadows
Gift me with the sacred key to unlock the mysteries of life
Show me my choices and give me the insight and strength
to always choose the right path

Hecate, Bringer of Wisdom

Awaken me from my deep slumber
to help me understand the meaning beyond illusion
In understanding the mysteries of life
I shall know the greater mysteries of my self
Help me understand the wisdom of the darkness
and weave me into the web of your knowing

Hecate, Threefold Goddess

Bring unto me your powers of earth, sea and starry night sky
Show me your cycles of birth, life and death
Guide me on my never-ending quest for knowledge
so that I may always know my true self in body, mind and spirit
Bless me with your magic, wisdom, and inspiration
so that I may never falter from my true path

[ Source : Temple of Hecate ]

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