Hekate offers powerful benefits to those who work with her energies.

She can…
Help us work with the subconscious and deep shadow work
Cut through illusions to true power
Guide and protect souls through the dark hours
Aid in rebirth and transformation
Help with important decisions that need to be made
Enhance our vision, for she can see into the past present and future
Be invoked for magic and divination

Hekate was originally a Titan who ruled heaven, earth and the sea. Her geographic origins appear to be Thrace (present day Greece and Bulgaria). She may have evolved from the Neolithic Mother goddess, when the social structure was matri-lineal. When patriarchy brought in the Olympian Gods ruled by Zeus, many of Hekate’s attributes were absorbed by Olympian Goddesses such as Demeter, Persephone and Artemis. Hekate was relegated to Queen of the Underworld and Guardian of the Souls. This role also degenerated, until she became a shadowy, haunting figure of sorcery and witchcraft said to wander with the souls of the dead, her approach announced by the howling of dogs.

[ Source : celebratedivinefeminine.com ]

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