La Mer, Le Etoiles & La Lune

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been searching for the perfect wrap bracelet/talisman that incorporates all the things I love. I even went so far as to source the items/tools to make it myself, but was discouraged as I hadn’t the jewelry making abilities, the tools, nor time to devote to it.

I came across The Gypsy Rebel shop on Etsy, and immediately gravitated to Lindsay’s creations. Her shop is full of unique and magically delicious pieces. I couldn’t resist. So, with her talent and knowledge we co-created a custom piece to represent the stars, the sea, and the moon – the three things that inspire me – and this is what she made for me.

Isn’t it absolutely divine? I certainly think so!

The colors of the sea are symbolized by the blues, greens, and silver sari silk ribbons. A little seashell charm, along with the sweet mermaid toggle clasp, is a nod to my seashell collecting/beach combing hobby. The silver star and moon is the perfect complement to my love of the night sky.  What’s more, the moon itself is in it’s waning phase, which is the phase I identify with the most. All these items combined with my favorite gemstones, labradorite and moonstone, make for a wonderful, personalized, unique piece of jewelry.

Additionally, I mentioned to Lindsay about being drawn to the goddess Hecate (or Hekate), and coincidentally she’s one of Lindsay’s favorite goddesses as well.  To quote Lindsay :

Like the moonstone, Labradorite helps us connect to the moon and the goddess, but this time, in her darker, crone aspect.It shines all colors of the universe, it can help to bring light to shadow realms.
This stone is believed for being responsible for the awakening of the sleeping powers of clairvoyance, insight, creativity and knowledge.
Use it to elevate consciousness and protect the aura, helping to keep it balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks. It is also helpful in astral travel, shape shifting, and communicating with the divine spirit, by enhancing psychic abilities.

This bracelet/talisman is, quite honestly, a tangible extension of myself.  I am completely in love with this treasure, and it will be something I wear to celebrate sabbats/esbats, and other magical workings.

If you’re looking for something similar or want a beautiful, handcrafted piece of jewelery I highly recommend Lindsay/The Gypsy Rebel! 🙂 Go forth, and shop!


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