If you’ve followed/known me for a while you’d know I’ve had a number of domains/websites (or online journals, before they were called blogs) since 2000. It has been such a long time since I’ve had a proper website. In fact my last real update was Spring of 2013! A lot has changed and most of it has been documented on my Instagram account (@inkwitchery).

This domain is my renewed attempt at keeping a cohesive online presence that extends beyond the quick FB, Twitter or IG posts.

What you’ll find here :

• posts about life as a wife and mom to (almost) three boys
• home improvement/decor projects for our 1906 craftsman bungalow
• makeup/beauty hauls, reviews and glimpses into my personal style
• my old and new artwork and links to my Skreened and Society6 offerings
• selected writings (poetry, prose and the like)
• tarot card readings, spreads and challenges
• posts about my spiritual journey; thoughts, musings etc.
• anything and everything in between

Do forgive any wonky-ness you may come across as I’ve imported some of the entries from my Tumblr and IG accounts. As such not all images or links may show up or work. I shall be going through and editing entries as time allows.

Upcoming topics, posts :

• various tarot/photo/monthly challenges
• participation in the Well Read Pagan Reading Challenge
• various pagan themed blog challenges (TBD)

Enjoy and don’t be a stranger! xox

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