Can I tell you about our new home?

After about 2.5 years of living in our first house (#bungalow479 on IG) and doing quite a few renovations on it, we were ready to move on to something a bit bigger and in a nicer (less foot traffic-y) area. Taking advantage of the current housing market and rates, we started looking at our options. We were pleasantly surprised to find out our home’s value increased in a short amount of time. With that in mind we decided to go for it and begin house hunting for our second home.

Let me just say, buying your first home is quite an experience in and of itself. But selling it and buying another one? That’s a whole other animal. There are so many things to take care of with your current home (finishing up renovations and/or fixing things, getting it ready for open houses and private showings, daily deep cleaning and upkeep… etc.). In short, it was stressful and we now know why some people never move, ha.

You know what though? All the days spent weeding through the MLS listings (sometimes hourly!), the endless paperwork, the waiting around, the back and forth was worth it because we found a wonderful new home to call our own for the next several years (at least! lol).

Our home is a craftsman bungalow built by a contractor for his family in 1906. Yes, it’s 110 years old! Everything is original and as soon as we saw the listing we were sold.

We toured the house the day it was listed (we were the first to see it!). I had a good feeling the second we parked the car and I saw it in person. It checked off most of the important things on our list and I’m pretty sure the Husband fell in love the moment he set foot in the 3 car garage, ha.

We put in our offer the following business day and crossed our fingers. Luckily, our offer was accepted by the owners despite having multiple ones on the table. We feel it was meant to be.

See, the Husband and I adore old homes. Honestly, the older the better! We love the quality materials, quirky nooks and crannies, and attention to detail not found in newer homes. Sure, older homes require more work in terms of upkeep and preservation, but that’s what we’re attracted to. Neither one of us ever pictured ourselves in a cookie-cutter house, it just isn’t our vibe.

We are the third owners of this property and we couldn’t be happier. We have so many ideas, plans and projects for it and I hope to be able to document it all as it happens here and on my IG (#bungalow2609)


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