Makeup Monday : Moisturizer

Kicking off the first installment Makeup Monday with a must have product every one needs – a great moisturizer!

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few different products from drugstore to high end. For a long while I was a die hard fan of Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. It was (and possibly still is) a great product and one I would definitely recommend. The only negative I found was the price point and scent. I stopped using it when I got pregnant with my first because I found it too overpowering during that time.

For the past six years or so I’ve consistently used  the Olay line. Specifically (and usually) the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with SPF15 in Sensitive.


Call me old school (or an old lady, ha), but I love this stuff! In fact, my mom introduced me to this when I was a teenager as it was something she loved as well.

– moisturizing
– easily absorbed
– affordable and widely available
– SPF 15 or 30
– has vitamin E and aloe
– light weight, non-greasy formula
– clean, light and pleasant scent
– available for normal and sensitive skin
– doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts

– no pump
– not available in travel size

Olay Complete works well for my skin. As I’ve gotten older (and with pregnancy/breastfeeding hormonal changes) my skin has changed from very oily to normal/dry and this has kept it smooth and supple. What’s more, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. The scent goes away once you’ve worked the product into your skin. I use about a quarter size dollop every morning right after my shower and in the evenings after I’ve washed my face.

While I’m always willing to try new and different moisturizers, this is one product I’ll always have on hand.

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