No matter what your political affiliation is, it is your duty and privilege as an American citizen to make your voice heard and vote.

After I dropped off my eldest at school, my 15 month old and I headed to my assigned polling location. It’s been years since I voted on Election Day. I usually mail in my ballot or vote early. With that said, it does bring a certain nostalgia and moment of pride. Everyone was great and my little guy was given an ‘I voted’ sticker, too.

Once we were home and the little monster fell asleep, I created this little graphic.

The election season has been draining and yet so eye opening. Personally, it has allowed me to see the true sides of people I know – or thought I knew. It’s disheartening yes, but it’s better to be able to weed out the negativity now than waste my energy filtering it out later. Also, nothing will sway someone who has their mind made up.

In the end, my only hope is somehow, someway love and kindness will rise above all the hate.

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