Long Hair Don’t Care

When it comes to my hair I’m very low maintenance. I keep it long enough to throw up in a bun when I’m at home tending to the little monsters.  Basically, I just shampoo my roots, condition the ends, comb, part (location depends on my mood) and let it air dry. I hardly use any product unless it’s the Husband’s hair gel to tame stray hairs and leave-in conditioner for my ends.  I haven’t colored it in about 4 years which means I’ve quite a few grey strands here and there, which I don’t mind at all.

I also cut my own hair. Yep, I do!  Last night, I tried out the ‘pony tail method’ (this one) and I’m happy to say it gave me the long face framing layers I wanted to achieve.


From the back it essentially looks like a v-cut shape. Since my hair is straight and fine, I need the layers for movement and volume when I do style/curl it.

Overall, I cut about 3″ off all around. My longest layer is still just above my waist and the shortest is just below my shoulders (not including my grown out bangs).


Sure, it’s risky to give yourself a haircut but I figured since mine is long enough that if I did end up with a disaster, it could still be salvaged with a trim to a salon. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that but if you were trying this method for the first time I’d definitely start off with cutting a minimal amount to make sure you like the results.

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