Channeling Holly Golightly

My furniture and decor taste ranges from sleek and contemporary to full on colorful and textured bohemian. I love having/using foundational color shades such has grey and white and accenting it with bright, bold color and fabrics.

Fortunately, the Husband shares this same aesthetic (or he indulges me, ha) so he wasn’t at all surprised when I mentioned a couple months ago that our favorite vintage and antique store, Magnolia and Willow, posted a bathtub couch and matching hanging lamp on their IG feed and I was dreaming about it.


Back then the price ($349) was a bit more than either of us wanted to spend so I ‘liked’ it on IG and made a note to keep an eye on it.

Well, fast forward to last week when the price was reduced to a mere $199.95 for both items! It was a steal and after a quick discussion of how we would get it home (asking the BIL for help and use of his truck) and where to put it (the guesthouse) the Husband and I headed over there to take a look at it in person to make a final decision.

At the store we looked over the cushions and pillows to make sure they were in good condition. The tub itself was solid, most definitely cast iron as all vintage claw foot tubs are and thusly weighed a ton. The seat cushion and backs were made well with wood, thick foam and sturdy fabric. The two side pillows were firm but pliable and the covers can be easily changed out. We were sold and paid for it that day.


The Husband and his bro picked it up a couple days later and now she sits happily in our guesthouse. Eventually we plan to recover the cushions with a more muted fabric (I’m thinking a mid-tone grey) and find different throw pillow covers. For now, I love it as is. This couch has definitely taken us one step closer to achieving the cool, boho guesthouse or “zen den” I’ve been dreaming about since we bought our house. All in due time, friends!

Oh and as for the lamp, it’s in our living room and it’s quite an attention grabber, ha. I’ll have to take a pic of it soon.

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