Craftsman Curb Appeal

When we bought our home (affectionately named #Bungalow2609 on IG), the curb appeal was severely lacking. Sure the house itself is super cute, but the landscaping left much to be desired. Living in Southern California and being in a perpetual drought, our lawn was half dead and weeds were plotting their take over. It also didn’t help that the mailman would often walk on our lawn instead of using the actual sidewalk and walkway to our porch (lazy much?).

We knew upon buying the house and moving in that one of our first projects was to increase our home’s curb appeal. We wanted the outside to reflect the history and elegance a 110 year old house deserved.


It began with adding a new redwood, craftsman style side gate/arbor which enclosed and secured the right side of the house. By doing that it allows us to use it as a dog run. We also replaced the existing driveway gate with a matching, sturdier, craftsman style gate. Those two additions alone made a world of difference.

Next up landscaping!

The Husband and I often drive around checking out front yards for inspiration. When we see a well manicured yard versus one that’s overgrown and in a sad state we can’t help but pass judgment. We knew from selling our first home that landscaping makes a tremendous impact/first impression. It shows whether the owners care about their investment.

For our first home, we did all the landscaping ourselves (except for taking out the grass). It was hard work but definitely something we were proud of. This time around we have a toddler to attend to so we knew we wouldn’t have the time to DIY. Plus, our yard now is much bigger than our previous home.

Around September we started contacting various landscaping companies about transforming our front yard. We gathered quotes and eventually settled on a local landscaping company that provided design and implementation.

Working with the designer we came up with a “cottage garden” layout. We knew we couldn’t do a basic drought tolerant design as the ‘desert style’ plants (cactus and what not) wouldn’t complement our 1906 craftsman. Instead, our designer incorporated plants using a variegated green, white and purple color scheme. Below is the final design with my edits in red.


We got the design and quote in October and labor began this week. It only took the crew two days from start to finish. We were totally impressed with their professionalism and speed.


The Husband and I plan to add solar lights as well as a few decorative elements (fountain? birdbath?) eventually. Right now we are enjoying coming home to a beautifully landscaped yard. We can’t wait for all the plants and trees to mature!

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