Divinely Dreaming

A lucid dream is when one is aware that one is dreaming. I’ve had a few of these dreams in my lifetime. I don’t actively try to lucid dream even though there are techniques online, so all of my experiences have been random. Last night I had a lucid dream.

In this dream, I remember standing and waiting for someone. It was dark, nighttime and I was in an open space like a field or abandoned road.  I wasn’t afraid though I felt anxious, a little nervous about this person I was waiting for. I felt I was somehow going to disappoint her or let her down. I didn’t know know who I was meeting at that point, but I knew it was a woman.

She finally appeared, walking slowly toward me. She was wearing black and she had long dark hair. Her dress/cloak, and hair was flowing around her as if the wind was blowing it around. In fact, I felt the cool air blowing around me, up and around my neck and arms, blowing my hair around. I saw her smile at me knowingly, yet I cannot recall her facial features. I do know she was beautiful and reminded me of someone older, almost grandmother-ly.

Then, she started to speak. Only, she wasn’t talking to me as if we were having a conversation, it was more more like I was hearing music. Her voice carried to my ears like a song.  She said she hears me when I call to her, how I need to be patient, wait for the right moment, and she will guide me. I felt her brush my left cheek with her hand and I remember nodding my head in awe. She said goodbye and the music in her voice was like tinkling bells. All of a sudden she was gone, the wind died down, and the music stopped.

I woke up just then, sat up, and my first thought was the goddess Hecate. I knew it was her even if she didn’t say it was, even if I couldn’t make out her face, I knew. I smiled to myself, snuggled back under the covers and went back to sleep.


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