2017 : Year Ahead Spread

I love this tarot spread! I’ve done this every year for the past three years and it’s always great to be able to look back and see how each card’s meaning/theme applied to its corresponding month (if at all).

For this spread I used my trusty Oracle Tarot deck by Lisa Chow. Here’s what in store for 2017! Clockwise from top.


January : NINE OF WANDS (patience, perseverance, persistence)
February : JUSTICE (responsibilities, balance, fairness)
March : WHEEL OF FORTUNE (opportunities, destiny, change)
April : SEVEN OF WANDS (challenges, competition, perseverance)
May : EIGHT OF PENTACLES (honing skills, hard work, knowledge)
June : FOUR OF SWORDS (rest, relaxation, solitude)
July : THE EMPRESS (abundance, growth, productivity)
August : THE HANGED MAN (sacrifice, transitions, enlightenment)
September : SIX OF PENTACLES (prosperity, generosity, balance)
October : THREE OF PENTACLES (teamwork, planning for the future, rewards)
November : KING OF SWORDS (clarity, communication, logic)
December : TEN OF PENTACLES (family, abundance, security)

Theme for 2017 : PAGE OF WANDS (change, new beginnings, passion, creativity)

I also decided to choose two bonus cards, to support the theme of the year, from the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle deck by Siolo Thompson.

CLOVER – nurture
HUCKLEBERRY – resourcefulness

2017 looks quite promising, don’t you think?

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