The Shadowscapes Tarot

The first of December brought not only overcast and rainy weather (my favorite!), but my new brand tarot cards! I’ve been stalking this package online since I ordered it so it was a nice surprise as the expected delivery, per the USPS website, was Monday (tomorrow).
The Shadowscapes tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is a deck I’ve coveted for almost a year! Now that I’m more comfortable with using/reading tarot cards, I wanted to treat myself, and learn a new deck. Actually, this is an early Yule/Christmas gift from the husband. 😉

I researched a lot of other tarot decks during the past year. In fact, I was also considering two other decks besides this one. However, in my search and research, I kept coming back to this one. There was just something about this deck that spoke to me, drew me in, called to me.  The watercolor artwork alone is what I fell in love with initially. Each card is a world all its own, one I can get lost in, find new things I didn’t notice before, and experience over and over again. I even love the card backs as it’s also a work of art unlike some decks with generic/basic image or drawing.

Despite only having this deck in my possession for 24 hours, I’m quite familiar with most of the images as I’ve studied them online through on the Shadowscapes website, and pinned (and probably re-pinned) them on my Pinterest boards. Over the next several days I hope to get to know this lovely new deck of cards and possibly include any notes or insights I have about it here.  Then, to celebrate Yule, I plan to do the Deck Interview Spread as my first throw. I feel doing so will set the tone for the daily draws I plan to do later on.

Since my first deck, the traditional Rider-Waite, only came with a small booklet, I knew this time around I needed/wanted a dedicated guidebook to help me get to know this deck. Fortunately, the companion guidebook was included. Below is an excerpt of the introduction written by Barbara Moore.

Before you do anything else, here is what you must do. This magical deck deserves a magical moment, a moment between you and it. You must form a first impression of each other. Each card in this deck is like a door and can open up worlds, Like two strangers, catching each other’s eyes across a room in a glance of just the briefest of moments that holds so many possibilities, that will be you and this deck in about two minutes.

Take your deck and shuffle it – or not, whichever you prefer – close your eyes, and pick one card. Finish this paragraph and then put the book down. Ignore the name and number on the card and just look at the picture. Drink it in. Revel in the intricate yet simple beauty of it. Look at it for so long that you can see it with your eyes closed. Then close your eyes, still seeing the card. Step into the image. Imagine how it feels, how it smells, how it sounds. Experience it. If you’re feeling adventurous, interact with a figure in the image. After you are done, come back to the book.

Honestly, can that be any more of a perfect introduction to this deck?! I’d be reading the book now if not for writing this entry (and also keeping a close watch on my son). But tonight? Tonight, while everyone else is asleep, I will be up late shuffling my pretty new tarot deck, and reading the guidebook. I can’t think of a better way to relax on a Sunday night. 😉

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  1. Yay! So happy for you, girl. I wish I had more down time to spend with my deck; it’s so relaxing, no? 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know you know how much I’ve wanted this deck haha.
      Oh, it’s definitely relaxing! Since the cards arrived, I’ve had a hard time keeping myself from handling/shuffling the cards. I’m sure you’re the same way with yours. 😉