MMYuleChallenge [ 26/31 ]


RIBBON – What gift am I giving?

THE EMPRESS (mama bear, creativity, abundance)

Seeing as how I’m currently 32.5 weeks pregnant, this is pretty accurate, ha.

I’m feeling very connected to the Empress card these days. Being a mom to two boys with another little prince coming less than 8 weeks away makes my heart so full. While these little monsters drive me (and the Husband) up a wall at times, we couldn’t be more happy and lucky to be able to call them ours.

As a pregnant mother/woman, I’m so proud and awed at what my body is capable of. I love being pregnant (no, really!). I feel so womanly, healthy and happy. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones because I’ve had pretty easy, non-complicated pregnancies. I’m looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family come February!

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