Witches Love to Plan

At least this witch does!


I’d like to introduce you to my new 2017 planner. For the 3rd consecutive year I’ve decided to use a Plum Paper Planner (PPP), specifically their ME/Family planner. This particular planner allows you to customize seven sections according to how you want to categorize your day, activities or in my case, members of your family.

I find having a separate section for each child and the Husband allows me to better organize our days and seemingly endless appointments, school events and such. I have a section for myself and one for our home/household. I left one section blank under mine for random information I may need.


Quality wise this planner is the best. The cover is sturdy (virtually indestructible), there’s ample room for notes, lists and what not. The paper is smooth and thick enough that there’s no bleed through when using markers and pens. The pocket in the back is great for small/flat keepsakes, stickers, receipts and the like. They also have a ton of fun cover designs to choose from. This time I went for a more simplified color scheme and design.

Overall I’ve been quite happy with this planner. I’m happy I was able to save a little money by ordering it during their Cyber Monday sale, too!


While I’m not a hardcore planner decorator (I probably would be if I had more time to do it), I do use stickers here and there as accents. I do find it therapeutic in a way to sit for a few minutes, gather all the info floating in my brain and write down each new weeks’ or months’ goings on. I do also use the calendar on my phone, but this is much more fun and a nice creative outlet for me.

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