Bullet Journaling

I’m a journal-er from way back. I can remember keeping diaries and such since I was in middle school. Then online journaling came along around the 2000s and I was pretty active for about 5 years doing that; sharing my life online.

These days almost everyone has a blog of some sort. It’s a great way to express yourself, showcase your art, writing etc and connect with likeminded individuals.

While I have this website, I don’t go into too much detail about my life anymore. The internet is just too big these days and you can’t be too careful especially when you have little ones, y’know?

Enter bullet journaling.


I discovered bullet journaling about a year or so ago but, I wasn’t all too interested nor did I have much time as I was working and then pregnant and then taking care of a newborn, ha. For some reason this year I’m all over the concept!

I use my new Plum Paper planner for basic planning and organizing our lives/schedules. It’s a great system and it works well for me. This year I decided to jump on the bullet journal train. I’ve had this Miquel Ruis graph paper journal but, it sat empty and without a purpose on my bookshelf for years. Finally, I have a use for it!

What I love about bullet journaling is the life tracking and list making concepts. I love creating lists! It’s so satisfying crossing out items I’ve completed.


So far I’ve created the following lists and trackers in mine :

Mood tracker
Monthly Habit tracker
Moontime (cycle) tracker
Weather tracker
Sleep tracker
Weekly Household Chore tracker
Monthly Household Chore tracker
Bill tracker
Savings tracker
Home Improvement list
40 Books to read by 40th Birthday
Bucket List
Places to Go
Monthly Gratitude Log

It sounds like a lot to keep up with but, it really isn’t. It doesn’t take much time out of my day to fill/color in each chart. It has become part of my “self-care” ritual at night.

I’m looking forward to seeing how all my charts turn out at the end of this month. I’ll definitely post updated photos and what not then.

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