Shadowscapes : The Empress

It is no secret how enamored I am with the Shadowscapes deck. For the past few days I’ve been reading, re-reading, taking notes, and highlighting the guidebook. When I’m not doing that I’m handling and shuffling the cards, taking my time with each one; examining, pondering, trying to commit each lovely image to memory.

Additionally, and this may sound silly to some, I’ve tucked the cards under my pillow at night as a way to further attune and bond with the deck. I did the same with my R-W deck, and feel I was able to work more intuitively with it. I’ve also taken the time to re-order the deck as yet another way to cleanse and charge it.

The cards I love the most are; The Lovers, The World, The Star (of course!), and The Wheel. However, there’s one card that stands apart from the rest.

THE EMPRESS is my favorite card. I love everything about it. From the colors of her gown; a blending of reds, oranges and yellows, to the colorful butterflies flying above her, and the vibrant flowers at her feet. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is a fantastic artist (and author as she penned all of the card descriptions and meanings in the guidebook!). I wanted to share the description for the The Empress here :

“Lady Mother!” call the wandering souls. “We bring you gifts!” They fly near the Empress, dancing in the sky. They paint synchronized kaleidoscope choreographies for her pleasure, and she smiles and as she takes it in. Her mind and her thoughts are the conductor to this visual symphony.
Gently, they lay a crown woven of the first buds of spring across her brow. “Jasmine, Lily of the Valley have graciously donated their first buds for your coronet.” the spirits sigh. “The Apple Tree Man has gifted you with his fruit, and the Lady of the Fields her grains.”  These they lay in her basket.
With a sudden flourish, the spirits whirl together, then spin off in an explosion of light and music. “Farewell, dear Lady!” they call.

Meaning :
Creativity, generosity, patience, love. The Empress is about abundance, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural. She is a creator. She is the Mother, fertile and nurturing. Clasped to her body like a child, she holds a basket of the earth’s bounty; fruits and sheaves of wheat and glorious flowers. She is the primal essence and embodiment of life, and is deeply tied to nature. Crowned in ivy, she is clasped in garments the color of the world around her.

Notice a reversed card meaning isn’t provided for this deck. It’s either a good and bad or bad thing depending on how you do readings. I usually do reversed cards as I found they are quite accurate in regards to answering whatever question I have in mind.

Overall, I’m throughly enjoying this deck and I’m looking forward to doing my first reading come Yule (or maybe earlier if I can’t wait any longer!).



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