Spring Equinox Spread

A blessed Ostara and Vernal Equinox, my friends! The first day of Spring is here and there’s rain on the forecast for my neck of the woods. Can’t complain about that! I had some time to do a reading today and used Escaping Stars’ Spring Equinox Tarot Spread.

Card 1 – What is my current situation? : KING OF PENTACLES

Card 2 – What do I need to lay to rest with Winter? : THREE OF CUPS

Card 3 – Where in my life can I stand to have balance? : ACE OF WANDS

Card 4 – What do I need to embrace the coming light? : SEVEN OF SWORDS

Card 5 – How can I nurture the seedlings emerging? : FOUR OF CUPS

Card 6 – What will be my source of joy? : KING OF WANDS

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