Influenster : Aquis Luxe Lisse Hair Towel

cuts drying time

falls off; cannot tie or secure it

Let me preface this review by saying my hair is waist-length and it tends to retain water, so I was pretty skeptical about this product. When I wrapped the Aquis Luxe Lisse Hair Towel around my head and twisted it into a turban, there was about 2-3″ of my ends hanging out of the towel so I tucked the ends in to compensate. There’s another version for long hair so look into getting that one if your locks are as long as mine!

I appreciate the soft, lightweight material and ease of use. My only complaint other than it not being big enough for my hair, is it won’t stay on if you tilt your head. I tend to put makeup on while I wait for my hair to dry so looking up while putting on mascara caused the towel to unravel. It’s not a big deal but, I thought I’d mention it since there are similar products in the market that have elastic to prevent this from happening. Squid also makes a turban style so that’s a better option especially if your hair is long and thick.

I left the towel on for about 45 minutes and once I let my hair down it was noticeably less damp than when I use a regular towel. I’m convinced! I can see myself using this daily as it is useful and from my experience, does what it claims.

The Aquis Luxe hair towel is available at Sephora and retails for $30-$40.

** I received this complimentary from Influenster for review/testing purposes but, as always, my opinions are my own. **

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