Tomorrow is C’s 7th birthday.


I could go on and on about how time flies, how he’s still my baby, my first little monster, the one who made me a mom and how I wish he wouldn’t grow up so fast…

The fact is, he IS growing up. Right before our eyes he went from baby, to toddler, to big brother and a big kid. He’s becoming his own person. He’s discovering his likes and dislikes, who he is and where he fits in the world. He’s incredibly smart and silly, sensitive and sweet. He’s also very inquisitive, full of energy and a great big brother. I love to see his face light up when he’s happy or excited. Or when he laughs out loud while playing a game, reading or watching a movie.

He can push our buttons sometimes and in some ways he’s can still be a ‘baby’ but, it’s all a part of learning and growing up. Hell, WE are still learning how to navigate this whole parenting thing. It’s not easy. We’ve second guessed ourselves a lot and it requires so much patience (SO MUCH!). Honestly, we just don’t want to mess him/them up. I figure as long as we do the best we can to teach, to encourage, to support and show him how much he’s loved (because he’s so very loved), then everything will be ok.

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