Tarot : Quick Reference List


0 The Fool : Unexpected opportunity. major choice.
I The Magician : You have the ability you need to succeed. Mastery.
II The High Priestess : Intuition. secrets to be revealed. unexplored potential.
III The Empress : Nurturing to full potential. marriage. motherhood.
IV The Emperor : Ambition. authority. financial stability. achievement.
V The Hierophant : Traditional values. a wise person provides guidance.
VI The Lovers : Love relationship. perhaps love choices.
VII The Chariot : Triumph over difficulties. strength of will needed.
VIII Strength : Gentleness wither inner strength and courage.
IX The Hermit : Withdrawal for contemplation. inner wisdom.
X The Wheel of Fortune : Change of fortune. a new cycle commencing. progress.
XI Justice : Fairness. the need for a balance mind. legal matters.
XII The Hanged Man : Understanding. Different perspective. Self-sacrifice.
XIII Death : Major change. Transformation.
XIV Temperance : Patience. Moderation. Compromise. Balance. healing.
XV The Devil : Manipulation. Overindulgence. self-enslavement.
XVI The Tower : Destruction of something built on false beliefs.
XVII The Star : Hope. Healing. Optimism. Better times ahead.
XVIII The Moon : Uncertainty. Illusion. Fluctuating emotions. Unseen depth.
XIX The Sun : Success. happiness. good health. Happy marriage.
XX Judgment : Renewal. Revival. Reward for past efforts. Karma.
XXI The World : Triumph and achievement. success and happiness.


Ace of Wands: New venture or way of life. Pregnancy or birth.
Two of Wands: Initial accomplishment. Possible partnership.
Three of Wands: Completion of first stage of project. Progress.
Four of Wands: Stability. Holidays. Marriage plans.
Five of Wands: Conflict. Quarreling. competition.
Six of Wands: Success. Achievement. promotions.
Seven of Wands: Defending position. overcoming obstacles.
Eight of Wands: Fast progress after delays. travel.
Nine of Wands: Perseverance. pull reserves together for final push.
Ten of Wands: Feeling overburdened. weary. Determination required.

Ace of Cups: New relationship. New start that brings happiness for all at home.
Two of Cups: Important union. Balance in a relationship. reconciliation.
Three of Cups: Happiness and achievement. Wedding/family celebrations.
Four of Cups: Boredom and discontent.
Five of Cups: Feelings of disappointment letdown or betrayal. Regrets.
Six of Cups: Happiness from the past. Old friends. an old love revived.
Seven of Cups: Feeling overwhelmed with choices. one must be made. Imagination.
Eight of Cups: Abandoning a path. Disillusionment. emotionally unfulfilled.
Nine of Cups: The “wish” card. Emotional and material fulfillment.
Ten of Cups: Committed and contented love. Marriage. Happy home life.

Ace of Swords: Triumph over adversity. Inner strength and mental clarity.
Two of Swords: Stalemate.
Three of Swords: Quarreling. Misery through separation.
Four of Swords: rest and recovery following strain.
Five of Swords: Deceit. hidden agenda. unfair dealings.
Six of Swords: Harmony after strain. Long journey over water.
Seven of Swords: Diplomacy not aggression. Situation not going as anticipated.
Eight of Swords: Feeling restricted by fear. Being withdrawn.
Nine of Swords: Sense of anxiety and despair. Feelings of oppression.
Ten of Swords: Disappointment. End of cycle. Failed plans.

Ace of Pentacles: Start of successful venture. Important document. Gift.
Two of Pentacles: Maintaining balance with more than one area of life.
Three of Pentacles: Success through effort. Gains and recognition.
Four of Pentacles: Overly cautious fear of loss. Material focus. miserly.
Five of Pentacles: Temporary hardship. Guard against loss.
Six of Pentacles: Successful gains. Sharing. Gift.
Seven of Pentacles: Work and patience rewarded. Good news financially.
Eight of Pentacles: New job. moneymaking venture from existing talent.
Nine of Pentacles: Financial Success and material security.
Ten of Pentacles: Financial and family stability. Property. Inheritance.


Page of Wands: Good news work related. Active cheerful child.
Page of Cups: Happy news emotional nature. Sensitive creative child.
Page of Swords: Delayed/Disappointing news. Minor problems with a child.
Page of Pentacles: Good news financially. Academic methodical child.

Knight of Wands: Change of home or long journey. Energetic young man.
Knight of Cups: Love proposals. Romantic idealistic young man.
Knight of Swords: Swift movement. Chaotic. Quick minded serious young man.
Knight of Pentacles: Eventual positive outcome. Reliable young man.

Queen of Wands: Warm cheerful woman. always very busy.
Queen of Cups: Kind thoughtful sensitive woman with caring nature.
Queen of Swords: Perceptive lady. Efficient no-nonsense type.
Queen of Pentacles: Woman of worth. capable and practical.

King of Wands: Entrepreneurial dynamic man who can be rash.
King of Cups: Warm thoughtful man in the caring or creative professions.
King of Swords: Man in uniform connected to law government etc.
King of Pentacles: Successful man who works with finance/ figures.


[ Source : The Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw ]

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