003 : Gratitude

1. Being able to say, “Let’s go to Disneyland!” any day or time we desire. The hella expensive passes are worth it because we all have a great time – every time. What’s more, I can babywear O and that means we can go on most of the rides TOGETHER.

2. Late night conversations with a special friend who I would not have met 3 years ago if not for *just* the right circumstances. Timing is everything, folks. (Is that vague enough or what?)

3. Finding $100 in between two cards in my wallet. I don’t recall where it came from or from who (thanks to Mom brain) but, I definitely appreciate it. Thank you, Universe!

4. All my pants/jeans are falling off me and everything is much roomier than I remember. I’m am thankful for this tandem breastfeeding/allergy-free diet. Can I just breastfeed forever?

5. Had sex twice this week. Y’all, that’s a major accomplishment! These kids can be such cockblockers. lol

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