004 : Gratitude

1. The Husband, turned ‘gardener’, for keeping the front yard looking as cottage-y garden-esque as possible. He deadheads the roses, prunes the rosemary, waters the succulents, edges and mows the grass. He even makes sure the bird feeder is kept full. He is what pride of ownership is all about, folks.

2. YouTube for the numerous and informative videos on how to give yourself a haircut (long layers via ponytail!) and essential half-moon bang trims. Money saved and anxiety, over having too much hair cut, abated.

3. The Dodgers heading to the World Series not because I’m a fan (not into sports, really) but, because it made the Husband so, so, SO happy.

4. Not needing to “suck it in” for photos, ha. Still a work in progress but, hooray for small victories!

5. Herbal teas and coffee and refreshing ice cold water because I can’t drink enough liquids while I’m breastfeeding!

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