For years I’ve wanted various tiny tattoos – even before they became a ‘thing’! Just a small collection of symbols and words I identify with and remind me of all my experiences (to date). I finally had the chance to get all eight of them in one session. It was great timing really, because Joy only had a small section of my Hecate sleeve to finish up.

After finalizing design elements, placement, sizing and applying all eight stencils it was go time…

First up was the Aquarius constellation across my right collarbone. With Aquarius as my sun and rising sign (with Sagittarius as my moon), a constellation tattoo was on the top of my list. I toyed around with placement but, kept coming back to my clavicle area. I expected it to hurt quite a bit since it’s right on my collarbone but, it wasn’t that bad at all. Scale of 1 – 10, I’d give it a 3.5 to 4.

As it turns out, three stars are able to fit perfectly across as if it was meant to be there. I love how a little or a lot of it peaks out of certain tops. I love it so!

Is it a little strange to get (one of) my handles/descriptors as a tattoo? When I think of the definition of a ‘beatnik’ I think of someone who is unlike everyone else. A nonconformist, a rule breaker, somewhat of a rebel if you will. Also, it’s one of my favorite words and one I would use to describe an Aquarius (me!).

A music note, in this case an ‘eighth note’ or ‘quaver’, was the next to be added. I have loved music all my life. My parents introduced me to everything from Sinatra to the BeeGees to cha-cha and swing music. I also loved listening to my dad’s collection of vinyls. Music and singing was, is and always will be, my first love. During my teen years I was always singing (just ask my cousins lol) and choir was my favorite elective. Music is what I turn to (turn on, ha) when I’m feeling down, upset and when I’m feeling fabulous.

Growing up I didn’t care for my short, stubby legs and muscular calves but, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate them. They get me where I need to be, they’re strong and flexible. Sure, I always have a bruise somewhere and I can still see the discoloration mosquito bites (souvenirs from a trip to Puerto Vallarta) but, now my legs are adorned with a sun, crescent moon and a wee little heart. And now, to me, they’re beautiful.

The sun is the same design as found on the flag of the Philippines. It represents and honors my heritage/ethnicity and symbolizes life, power, strength. It is also a reminder to be more positive.

A waning crescent moon is my second favorite moon phase (the dark moon being my first). It’s the yin to my sun’s yang. I especially love the way Joy shaded in the sun and moon. It highlights the design but doesn’t take away from the simplicity.

Look up the definition of ‘persnickety’ and you’ll be describing me and my idiosyncrasies. I can embody all the synonyms (fastidious, picky, fussy, a snob…) at certain moments and I embrace it! I can be quite meticulous about things, yes. It’s a blessing and a curse, ha. I have loved the word itself since hearing it on Dawson’s Creek (even though they weren’t using it correctly!).

Now, I wasn’t exactly prepared for how uncomfortable (position-wise) it would be to get this word on the base of my neck. I was laying flat on my belly with my forehead down on a pillow. Thankfully it’s a short word and Joy is quick with her tattoo machine! I’d give this one a 6 on the pain scale.

I have been toying with getting the alchemical symbol for the planet Venus and copper for a couple years now. I wanted pay homage to the goddess and what she represents (love, beauty, sensuality) as well as honor myself as a woman.

It’s my reminder to love myself, my body, my being and not feel guilty or ashamed of taking a shit ton of selfies or be into materialistic/superficial things because a person can like all those things AND also be a feminist.


The last of the tiny tattoos I got was a heart. It’s my second favorite. I have wanted a small heart on the back of my thigh for the longest time. I don’t have a reason other than simply because I like it and I think it’s cute. Who doesn’t love a heart?

As far as placement, I feel the back of the knee or thigh is a soft, sensual and erotic spot on the body. What’s better than a simple heart to highlight it, yes? Plus, I love tattoos in hidden and/or unexpected places. I also love how it’s off centered which (I feel) makes it that much more quirky.

So happy with how all of them turned out! It feels good to finally have all the ink I’ve wanted for literally years. Some things are definitely worth the wait.

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