Quickies : 002

1. It’s LAUREL, y’all. All I hear is Laurel.

2. Can not wait to clock in a road trip on the Jeep. Lilith needs to break in her new tires even if it’ll mostly be on pavement. Once the kids are a little older we’ll have more time and chances to get a little dirty.

3. Considering letting our Disney passes expire in July. We don’t have the time to go during the week and weekends are busy, too. We’ve gone to the parks more than 11 times since last July to break even so, it has paid itself off.

4. I’m in the process of digging out an area in our side yard to grow sunflowers. I’m short and the shovel I’m using is longer than average (because the Husband is a giant) so I have to be mindful of not smacking my face with the handle when I step on it to dig. Fun times! I am looking forward to having pretty sunflowers towering over me come Summertime.

5. Also? Crab grass is a bitch to dig up.

6. The boys gave me another window-mounted bird feeder for Mother’s Day. They know how much I love to watch the little house finches flit, fly and squabble over who gets to eat first. So far we have three bird feeders. I like to think I’m doing my part in keeping our neighborhood birds happy and fed.

7. I need more plants in the house.

8. There are so many big and little projects to be done around the house, it’s difficult trying to decide what to tackle first. At least the front yard landscaping and exterior paint is done. Shall we move onto the backyard or guesthouse? I wish we can do both simultaneously!

9. I only want to do the guesthouse because I want to create a loft space to turn into my “zen den”. Complete with dormers, a skylight, lots of plants and witchy accouterments. *sign* One day!

10. Is it the weekend yet?

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