Quickies : 004

1. I may or may not have bought two new pairs of sunglasses. I have acquired a modest collection over the past year alone. Most (about 5) are less than $10. These new ones though? I broke out of my “buy cheapies because they always break/get lost” mindset and splurged. Not a whole lot but, a lot for me.

2. The whole ‘not wearing makeup every day’ is becoming my new normal. Although I can’t *not* do my brows because brows are important! I like to think they make me look presentable. Still contemplating micro-blading but, IDK if I want to take the plunge just yet.

3. My grown-out bangs are at that length where all I have to do is curl them a bit and they frame my face perfectly. AND(!) all the postpartum re-growth has FINALLY grown out long enough where they blend into the rest of my hair instead of sticking straight out. *sigh* Mom life.

4. I swear upping my vitamin D dosage has helped calm my allergies. What’s more, if I forget to take them, I notice a difference right away. Way healthier than taking allergy meds and risking it affecting my milk supply.

5. Why yes, yes I am still breastfeeding! Going on almost 3 years (in August) with L and 15 months for O. I never thought I would be able to do it after failing with C but, here I am. I’m so grateful. Nature and boobs are amazing!

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