Quickies : 006

1. Disney’s COCO is adorable and sweet and I totally bawled my eyes out.

2. Two weeks of school left for our 2nd grader. I’m way more excited than he is.

I’m looking forward to a more laid back schedule even if it’s only for a few days out of the week. I’ll take what I can get.

3. My sunflower sprouts are getting taller and I could not be happier. Soon I’ll have pretty blooms to view from our windows.

4. This time next year, with any luck, our garden will be lush and blooming. It is a lesson on patience, that’s for damn sure.

5. Ok so… I didn’t need a new lip balm or lipstick, or even that super cute navy blue romper with stars all over it but, I got them anyway. It’s ok to treat yourself once in a while.

6. C reads in bed every night. I did the same when I was his age. Even though his bedtime is technically 8p, we let him stay up until he falls asleep with his book. I hope he ends up loving reading as much as I did/do.

7. Unfortunately I cannot remember the last time I read an actual book. I never have the (uninterrupted!) time to read anymore. I try and only get maybe a few pages in before someone wakes up or needs something. Then, I typically pass out once I finally get into bed. *sigh* I miss reading.

8. I miss a lot of things. All things I used to do just for fun or just for me. I miss not feeling rushed all the time. I miss the feeling of having no plans, tasks, to-dos. I miss being selfish.

9. Adulting really sucks sometimes, y’know?

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