Quickies : 009

1. I’m not sure what plant to plant to grow up and over our pergola. Part of me wants climbing roses but, we don’t want the added task of pruning them as the blooms die off. Although bright pink roses would look pretty against our bright yellow house…

We already have jasmine, morning glory and moonflower so… maybe clematis?

2. I just started Season 5 of True Blood and OMG there is too much going on. It’s a really good show despite some scenes where I can’t help but, roll my eyes. I may be the only one who isn’t a Sookie fan.

But that loner werewolf, Alcide?! Me-fucking-ow!

3. I am an overpacker. I can’t help it. I need options! I almost always end up changing my mind and going through a dozen outfit changes every morning so how am I supposed to settle on 4 days of outfits? Gah.

4. The state of our country pisses me the hell off that I just can’t keep up with it all anymore. There is too much crap, too much misinformation and way too many LIES going around. What’s worse are the gullible idiots who drink it all up and feel validated. Ugh. It is stressful, maddening and so discouraging. How is this even real life anymore? We are so, SO fucked. I try but, I simply cannot see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Good luck to us all.

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