I cannot believe C is now EIGHT years old. In some ways he seems so grown up but, on the other hand he’s still a kid and he/we have so much more to learn and ways to grow.

The past 3 years have been quite eventful for C. He became a big bro to L, we sold our first house and moved into our new house, then he became a big bro again when O came along. Not to mention school and making friends. He has taken it all in stride.

We spent his birthday at Disneyland/California Adventure as it was also the last day of our annual passes. As always we had a great time. Disney never ceases to make us smile and make us appreciate how lucky we truly are.

Looking back at our pics from a year ago, it amazes me how these kids have seemingly doubled in size right before our eyes. I mean, in a couple years or so C will be my height!

I’ll never be one of those moms who wish her kids would stay little forever. I used to feel that way when it was just C but, now I look forward to the day they leave our nest fly off to new adventures. Why would I want to wish them to be kids forever? That sentiment always sounded selfish to me. I want to witness my boys learn and experience new things, explore whatever interests them and grow up to be happy, successful adults.

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