Thinking & Planning Out Loud

I’m kind of obsessing about starting a (separate) perpetual art journal for 2019.

This nagging thought was/is inspired by Lara Gastinger’s (IG : @LaraGastinger) botanical drawings on her own perpetual journal. Her art is so intricate and detailed and just stunning.

So, I’m here like… Should I even attempt to start one of my own? Maybe I can combine my art/doodles with ‘one line a day’ type of entry? Maybe, finally, put my watercolors and paints to good use…?

I’m still stewing about it. Part of me thinks that maybe when I find the “perfect” sketchbook, that will be the push I need to do it. I just don’t want to have too many creative projects to do next year.

This year I was way too ambitious.

I began 2018 with a traditional planner + bullet journal, attempted the Leuchtturm1917 ‘Some Lines A Day’ book (which I hated because the paper quality SUCKED so I stopped), began another #Tarot365 and was also in the middle of O’s Project365.

In short, I was trying to do too much with very little time.

Fortunately, I was able to complete O’s first year photo a day project (yay!). That made it easy to keep up with my daily tarot readings. I still journal when I get the urge (or time) to write. And I fill out my bullet journal/planner when I can.

I need to have LESS creative projects for 2019.

I definitely will not do Tarot365 for next year. Perhaps monthly readings, recorded and dissected in my bujo, will suffice? And of course any other draws for sabbats and esbats will be done as well.

One witchy planner/bujo and a perpetual art journal for 2019 sounds like a good, actionable, plan – yes?

Now to find the perfect notebook and sketchbook… That’s half the battle right there.

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