Phlur – Olmstead & Vaux

Scent of the day : OLMSTED & VAUX by Phlur

This scent is truly a standout but, not in the way where it is loud or attention seeking. It has more of a casual vibe, an easy confidence, a sexy minimalism. It’s the kind of fragrance you’d have to be close enough (if you’re lucky, that is) to really experience.

It’s woodsy, green and soft (thankfully, not powder-y!), citrusy, clean and cozy. I imagine an early morning stroll at Central Park (which inspired this scent) or a cedar forest. Or simply sitting in your garden, coffee in hand, listening to the birds sing.

While #Phlur’s O&V doesn’t have the projection or longevity of most fragrances, I feel it is worth re-applying mid-day.

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