Hello 2019

I started two creative projects this year :

A perpetual journal that will (hopefully) be filled with nature drawings and anecdotal musings. My goal is to venture into botanical art (which gets me outside more) and improve my mediocre drawing skills.

A new notebook that will be used as a bullet journal/planner, an art/scrapbook journal and tarot and witchy pseudo-grimoire. It’s all going to mesh well together, I know it!

That’s all. I swear.

I know well enough that I don’t have the time for anything more. I tried that mess last year and, other than my Tarot365 project, everything else went to the wayside.

I have learned I can’t do everything I want to do even if I really, really want to do it. It’s better to do a couple things right than half-ass it all – right? Right.

Another thing.

I started going to my local yoga studio again. I didn’t just buy a series of classes, I signed up for a monthly membership which allows me to attend an unlimited amount of classes. However many I can fit into my schedule. I’m aiming for 3x a week.

An early birthday treat, to me from me.

Honestly, I find it far more beneficial and motivating to go to an actual studio than to follow along to a YT video at home. Plus, it gets me out of the house and I’m guaranteed an uninterrupted 1 hour and 15 minutes to myself. It’s bliss I tell ya!

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