(Written around 2014)

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to books, and the written word. I love to read, to write (journaling, mostly), and collect books. Growing up, the parental units did not put restrictions on what I read, so I read anything and everything available to me. From my family’s second hand books (with a few trashy romance novels thrown into the mix), to fairy tales (the darker versions, natch!), to the classics, I loved and read them all. I did not discriminate. Trips to the library were made weekly if not twice a week. I devoured books left and right, before and after school, night and day. Reading was, and still is, my escape. Given the chance, I’ve been known to finish a book in a day. 

My bookshelves are filled with my all time favorite books. Most were purchased brand new, some were gifts, and some were bought second hand. I love them all equally. Someday I hope to have a pseudo library with wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with books. A girl can dream, right? At this day and age you’d think I’d prefer electronic books, but I don’t. While I appreciate the convenience of ebooks (and have quite a few on my phone/Kindle app), I love being able to wander down the aisles in a bookstore and let the books find me. I like being able to turn pages, use bookmarks, write on the margins or highlight (if needed!). I love the scent of a new book, but I especially love the aroma of old, used volumes.

I prefer to read books in the historical fiction, and modern/contemporary genres. Once in a while, if the mood strikes, I will pick up a YA and/or dystopian best seller. I’m not immune to the lure of a best seller list. However, my first true loves are the classics; Fitzgerald, Bronte, Eyre, Austen, Dickens, Wilde; I can go on and on! Also, I’m quite to hardcover editions. I’m a snob that way I suppose, ha. Don’t be mistaken, I don’t mind paperbacks but there’s just something about hardcover books. Additionally, I’m very particular about my collection. I try not to crease the binding of any book especially paperbacks! I sort my library by color (yes, by color), and I don’t usually lend my books out for fear of others not treating them as well as they should. As such, I only lend books to my trusted friends. Yes, I’ve got quite a few book related idiosyncrasies.


As a mom to three rambunctious boys, I don’t have nearly much time to devote to reading these days. I try my best to read at least a few chapters in my downtime. I hope to pass on my love of reading to my sons.

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