Shadowscapes : Deck Interview Spread

I’m the type of person who prefers to begin new projects and/or do significant things on special calendar dates. Be it the first of the month, at the turn of the wheel or on days like today, the 12th of December 2012.  Seeing as how today also falls under the dark or new moon (also known as Hecate’s moon – how apropos!), I thought it would be an auspicious time to do my very first spread with the Shadowscapes deck. Plus, I was getting antsy waiting around for the solstice. I never said I was patient! 😉

I chose to do the Deck Interview spread as my first throw. The layout for this spread is up to the querent, so I placed the cards into two rows.

Card #1: Tell me about yourself? What is your most important characteristic? The general personality of your deck. This question will reveal if your deck is painfully truthful, a prankster, a pragmatist, a romantic, etc.

Guidebook – courage, calm composure and patience, compassion, tolerance
Interpretation – This deck will guide me by reminding me of my inner strength, to be confident when making decisions, to look within for insight and answers.

Card #2: What are your strengths as a deck? The best features of your deck. This will help decide what kind of questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Guidebook – balance, harmony, responsibility, weighing all sides, logic
Interpretation – This deck will be fair, rational and logical when I pose questions. It will force me to be patient, to seek balance and compromise when faced with obstacles.

Card #3: What are your limits as a deck? This card represents the challenges, blocks and obstacles your deck may have. This is also helpful to decide what questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Guidebook – a teacher/guide, using traditions, rituals and ceremony in pursuing knowledge
Interpretation – This deck will not give me quick answers. It will force me to be patient in my pursuit of answers or insight.

Card #4: What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me? We all have teachers in life and Tarot’s higher purpose is to teach us. To show us our areas of growth and help us improve.

Guidebook – multifarious talents, reliable, adept, success, abundance, practicality
Interpretation – This deck will remind me that patience, resourcefulness and hard work pays off in the end. It will teach me to enjoy life, to reap what I sow.

Card #5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Tarot, like all relationships, is a partnership. This card shows how to best utilize that partnership and shows you the best way to approach your deck.

Guidebook – focus on intent and will, establishing an identity, self-confidence, discipline, control
Interpretation – I will need to approach this deck, to seek answers when I free from distractions. I must be confident, determined and rely on my willpower.

Card #6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship? The most likely result of working diligently with your deck.

Guidebook – nostalgia, childhood memories, simple joys and pleasures, open-mindedness, good intentions
Interpretation – Hindsight is 20/20. Looking to the past will provide the knowledge to overcome current and future trials and tribulations.


So in a nutshell, this deck will teach me to be patient. This is a good thing as I have none what so ever. 😉

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