Hecate’s Calling Card

I came across this Tumblr post the other day about Deity Calling Cards.  This is what was written under Hekate so far :


I see radiant black hair that has golden stars shining within. Never as a ‘crone’ but more motherly, or a stern but loving aunt. And hounds…don’t forget the hounds. Torch-bearer. And yes, the beat that I hear when she is around makes you want to belly-dance. [BellonaNJ73]

golden blackness (very difficult to explain – like the blackest black that emanates gold light), teeth (which you will get a chance to see up close and personal if you, um, intrude), claws, bones, gold (did I say gold, ‘cos gold), grey hooded cloak, starry chiton (ie. made from stars and night and the vast depths of space), blue goldstone, The Hermit.

NO CHOCOLATE. NO WINE. Almond milk, honey, honeyed almond milk, almonds, feta, figs, shallots, pomegranate green tea.

I’ve seen her dancing, slow and graceful, very stylised. Usually near a tree – or even within the roots – or at the (stormy) ocean’s edge. She can appear slightly taller than average or absolutely giant. Generally neutral-serious, no nonsense; not stern, but not jovial either. [lacartetreizieme]

Upon reading through these I was reminded of my dream a few days ago. I was struck by how similar the first description is to my experience. As I described in my dream, She had long dark hair and gave me a grandmother-ly impression. Also, the beat or music she described hearing is spot on with what I heard. The second description with her being very tall is also accurate to my dream. I recall she towered over me (like most people do since I’m short, ha), but it wasn’t intimidating, more like described above, she was stern.

I have to say, I’m so encouraged by this discovery. I knew in my gut when I woke up it was Hecate, but I was having doubts as I haven’t had another dream with Her in it since. However, I’m now convinced it really was Hecate in my dream. It’s comforting to know others’ have had similar experiences with Her. It has inspired me to do more research about Her.

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  1. “lacartetreizieme” is me too. I have tagged posts on my blog as “Herself”, “The Lady”, “Lady H” and “Hekate” if you’d like to read more about my experienecs with Her.

    Seastruck By The Crossroads (http://seastruckbythecrossroads.wordpress.com/) holds free oracular sessions in honour of Hekate if you’d like to hear what that turns up.