Annual Tarot Spread for 2013

To kick off the new year and Tarot365, I decided to do a an annual spread I found here. This particular spread calls for 13 cards: twelve to represent a general overview of each month, plus one card for an overall reading for the year ahead.

Card 1 : January
THE HIEROPHANT – pursuit of knowledge, spirituality and belief systems, structure

Card 2 : February
TEMPERANCE – balance, calmness, composure, moderation, compromise, well-being, vitality

Card 3 : March
TEN OF WANDS – responsibility, burdens, struggle, time to lighten up, time for TLC

Card 4 : April
THE EMPEROR – structure, authority, conformity, play by the rules, organization

Card 5 : May
QUEEN OF PENTACLES – kindness, generosity, trust and security,

Card 6 : June
THREE OF CUPS – friendships, celebrations, happiness,

Card 7 : July
THE FOOL – new beginnings, spontaneity, impulsiveness, letting go

Card 8 : August
EIGHT OF WANDS – time to take action, news and information

Card 9 : September
THE SUN – enlightenment, vitality, confidence, energy, health, success

Card 10 : October
TEN OF SWORDS – sacrifices, melodrama, time for an attitude check, get rid of negativity

Card 11 : November
PAGE OF PENTACLES – trust, prosperity, abundance, opportunities, stability, commitments, lightheartedness

Card 12 : December
SEVEN OF WANDS – strong convictions, boldness, defiance, integrity

Card 13 : 2013 Overall
FOUR OF CUPS – meditation, introspection, re-evaluation, a call for action, reminder to not take things for granted


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