Tarot Challenge : Day 10

What card best represents you/your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)? [ full list of questions here ]

I must say, this question is easy as I identify most with The Star.

Meaning-wise, it best fits my personality as I am optimistic (generally speaking), generous, and am fairly intuitive. I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, heh.

Below is the meaning of The Star card based on the Shadowscapes companion guidebook :

Silver gilded footsteps glide on silver flowing streams with the silver glowing starlight etching night in silver seams.

There is no sun. There is no moon. In the hushed stillness of the blackest night, only the trail of stars glitters like a fortune in diamonds upon the velvet carpet of the sky. The river of the Milky way pours across the heavens in a cascade of starry pinpricks, and she comes dancing down that lane to where the celestial river runs to the silver-etched earthly waters.

Water and earth and air become a single element in her presence. Walk on one, swim through the other, it matters not which; they are as she wills them to be.

She dances and her feet are so light, there is but the barest disturbance of ripples upon her watery dance floor. She dances the dance that the stars have choreographed in their millennial of gazing down on the earth. It is their silent homage to the burning spirit they have witnessed. It is the dance and flow of human life condensed into pure essence of painful beauty. It is Hope made into visual form.

She stretches and strains, sways and arches, leaps into impossible heights in time to a tempo that bests in the silent pulses of the stars above. A cascade of river droplets sprays forth from her swirling form. Where each droplet falls, a flowery tendril slowly sprouts.

She dances tirelessly through the night, inhuman and yet embodying humanity in her very being. When the glow of the dawn touches the eastern sky, she clasps her silver cloak tight. There is a sudden weariness to her eyes, but it is edged with triumph as well. She steps up the slowly furling carpet of the Milky Way, back to her sister stars in the night, where they gleam and wait for the next true night to dance again.

Meaning : Regaining hope, faith in the future, inspiration. Finding the still and silent place within your being of serenity, tranquility amid trouble, harmony offering without reservations, sharing and being generous. The harshness of daylight or even moonlight is gone, and there is nothing but the calm and nonjudgmental eyes of the stars. There is a peace to that, a space to gather up, prepare, and uplift the spirit. Let loose doubts and fears to the embrace of the night. The stars have always been symbols of guidance and hope, the light to lead you home. A resilient fish, carp symbolize strength, perseverance, courage, and determination of spirit. The chrysanthemums, commonly representative of longevity, are also symbols of hope.

Additionally, the The Star is ruled by Aquarius, and I happen to be an Aquarius! Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s a happy one. 😉

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