Tarot : 3 Card Spread for 2013

On this chilly eve of 2013, I decided to use this three-card New Year tarot spread I found here. I’m a big fan of short and simple tarot spreads! 😉


Card 1 : What I should leave behind me when the new year arrives?

ACE OF PENTACLES – prosperity, abundance, trust, security, being grounded
Interpretation : This card is telling me to be true to myself, to be centered. It’s a reminder to be grateful/appreciative what I have. I’m very lucky to love and be loved, and I should do away with “the grass is greener…” mentality. I should continue to stay grounded, and foster trust and security in my relationship(s).

Card 2 : What I should take with me in the new year?

THREE OF CUPS – celebrations, friendships, community, happiness, energy
Interpretation : This is clearly telling me to be more social in 2013 as there will be a lot of things to celebrate. So I must do more, get out more, foster new friendships, and strengthen the relationships I have now.

Card 3 : What do I have to look forward to in the coming year?

KING OF SWORDS – communication, clarity, logic, intellect
Interpretation : This card is telling me I will find it easier to communicate whether it be creatively (by art or written word) or by my interactions with those around me. I will be able to help others and myself by relying on my objective point of view, honesty to find a just solution to any trials and tribulations that may arise.

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