Project Tarot 365

Happy 2013!

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the various year-long photo a day projects such as iPhone365 and Project365. Having completed iPhone365 for the second year in a row for 2012, I wanted to try something a little different for 2013. I decided to create my own project/challenge to incorporate my love for iPhone photography and tarot. Thus Tarot365 was born!

As with the other 365 projects, Tarot365 involves taking a photo a day of my personal daily tarot draws/spreads/throws for the entire year. This will be an excellent way for me to further expand my knowledge of tarot (the individual cards and in general) as well as try new spreads or create my own.

Here’s a rundown of the details for this project in case you would like to join me, maybe? 😉

Start Date : January 1st, 2013
End Date : December 31st 2013
Challenge : Take a photo a day (with your phone/camera/what have you) of your daily tarot draws/spreads/throws for the entire year and tag them with the hashtag #tarot365

I plan to document my progress on my Instagram (@_bewitchery), on my Tumblr, and on this website. Can’t wait to get started! 🙂

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