Subliminal Messages from the Liminal Goddess

As I sit here drinking my pomegranate tea (which is delicious, btw!) while listening to Thievery Corporation (if you don’t know who they are, you’re so missing out!), I wanted to quickly write down a couple things I’ve been noticing lately :

Last night while going about my daily routine, I kept smelling garlic. We don’t have any garlic at the moment, nor did we consume anything with garlic, our windows are closed so it couldn’t have come in from outside. I thought it was really strange, especially since I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. It was subtle, too. One minute I’d smell it, then nothing, then I’d get a whiff of it again. I even asked the husband if he smelled it and of course he said he didn’t. It was only today, when I re-reading through the articles I’ve collected about Hecate, that I was reminded of her association with garlic. Interesting coincidence, no?

When I was writing my first entry for the Pagan Blog Project, I realized my altar is located right smack in the middle of the “doorway” separating our kitchen/dining area with our living room. Sure, it might be reaching on my part, but Hecate is associated with doorways/crossroads. I definitely wasn’t aware of this when I chose this part of our home for my altar/work space.

Also over the past few months, we’ve been collecting various vintage trinkets for decor. One of the first things we bought was a vintage lantern. A week or so later, the husband gifted me with another vintage lantern. I also have three more non-vintage lanterns as decor. A lantern can also be a torch, no? It might be a little far fetched, but I do believe it has some significance. We most certainly didn’t plan to look for lanterns and/or incorporate them in our home’s decor, it just happened.

Lastly, crows. A murder of crows gathered just outside our windows (on top of the neighbors’ roof next door to be exact) on New Year’s Day, cawing away. This doesn’t normally happen as they tend to spend their time around the park across the street.

Again, I might just be reaching here, but I can’t just dismiss these occurrences either so I’m putting it out into the Universe. Either way, I’m open receiving more signs from Hecate if she so chooses to nudge me.

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