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Last year I participated in the 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge (note: the original website/source has disappeared). My self imposed goal was to read at least 11-15 books that fell under the Paganism theme. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, it didn’t matter as long as it was pagan in flavor. I’m happy to say surpassed my goal by reading 43 books. I found most of the books at my local Bookoff (a used bookstore), and on Amazon (some were free!).

I wanted to provide a list of books, in no particular order, I found helpful/insightful…

The Isles of the Many Gods: An A-Z of the Pagan Gods & Goddesses worshiped in Ancient Britain during the first Millennium CE through to the Middle Ages by Sorita d’Este and David Rankin
A great reference book with a long list of gods and goddesses from different pantheons (Greek, Saxon, Welsh, Irish, Gaulic,  Norse, Roman, and Egyptian…). Excellent resource if you are interested in or follow and of the gods or goddess from the British Isles.

Hekate Liminal Rites A Study of the Rituals, Magic and Symbols of the Torch Bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads
Hekate : Keys to the Crossroads
by Sorita d’Este
Sorita is probably the ultimate author/resource for the goddess Hecate! Her books were invaluable to me while I was researching Hecate. If you’re a follower of Hecate or are interested in learning more about Her history, symbolism, rituals and the like, I highly recommend both books.

The Temple of Hekate by Tara Sanchez
Yes, another book about Hekate! Didn’t I mention I was drawn to her? 😉 In any case, this one provides the basic information about the goddess (however, not as in depth as d’Este and Rankine’s books) with a practical and modern take. You’ll find the authors personal experiences, rituals, exercises (i.e. using tarot with Hekate!) and other techniques/suggestions (offerings, altar placement etc.) as to how better acquaint yourself with Hekate.

Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert
This book is a very basic intro into sea witchery (or water witchery). While I’m not Wiccan, I found it to be helpful since there aren’t very many resources on this subject/path. It provides a little bit of folklore, correspondences for seaweed, seashells (with drawings), the moon tides etc. and how you can incorporate this information in your practice/rituals.

I don’t expect everyone to love all of these books, but they’re worth a read. There’s a lot of reading, researching, referencing and fact checking that goes with this path and I’ve only managed to scratch the surface! This year, I hope to acquire and read a couple more books on Hekate and sea witchery.

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