Tarot365 Rules :

1. Select a tarot deck to work with for an entire year.
** Or use a different deck every month or day – totally up to you!
2. Draw a card daily for 365 days.
** You can pull a card a day, use a tarot spread, create a spread OR even select a specific card to work on each day.
3. Take a photo of your card/tarot spread and share it on IG (use the hashtag #tarot365).

Optional :

Write out your initial reactions/thoughts on each card in a journal or blog. How did it apply (or not) in your day? What, if anything, did you learn from it? What stood out to you the most?
Also, you don’t have to share this publicly unless you feel a need to.

Tips :

1. I prefer to pull a card in the morning so I can reflect on its energy as I go about my day.

2. Don’t worry if you miss a day! I’ve missed a day or two (one was when I gave birth to my 2nd!) here and there. Just jump right back the next day, easy!